“I am not a healthy being in the ‘worlds’ that construct me unplayful.” You wrote, in that same essay, that you were “scared of ending up a serious human being, someone with no multi-dimensionality, with no fun in life, someone who is just someone who has had the fun constructed out of her. I am seriously scared of getting stuck in a ‘world’ that constructs me that way. A ‘world’ that I have no escape from and in which I cannot be playful.”
— Hil Malatino

I read one of the most touching and heartfelt tributes to a philosopher I had never heard of, María Lugones. It was a good day for gentle crying.




  • Billionaire Financier Leon Black Paid $50million to Jeffrey Epstein (FT) Paywalled.
    I for one am not surprised, but still disgusted. What is worse is that even were it to be found (unlikely) that this was for child sex trafficking, Leon Black would never face charges, and if he did (very unlikely), he would never have to go to jail—just get another passport and live somewhere else. The uberwealthy don't live by our rules.
  • Bellingcat has lots of records from Oregonian terrorist groups that they have pored over as the self-styled "patriots" talk about shooting protestors, conducting false-flag operations, and in general prepare to role-play as the Fourth Reich.
  • California GOP Placing Fake Ballot Boxes NYTimes
    Uh...Wut? I legitimately have no idea what to think about this, other than it seems the GOP has given up on even paying lip service to the concepts' whose names they wield in verbal battle. You know, silly little unreal words like freedom, democracy, justice, truth, honor: those sort of decrepit and ill-defined concepts.

Further Attention

  • Lucia Moholy photographed the Bauhaus movement and her work was stolen by Walter Gropius.
    Her biography is sad in the way of many WWII-survivors, those who were able to get out in time.
  • Brittle Paper, an online journal of African literatures, is publishing a Africanfuturism anthology collecting works from a dozen famous writers. Available for free October 19, according to the announcements page!