Presented here without much comment or context. Make of these words what world you will.

The pope advocated for a universal basic income, scientists discovered a two-dimensional particle in a "simple collider," a toilet was invented that "analprint." Wildlife returned to cities in the absence of business-as-usual from human inhabitants. The internet is holding up under "unprecedented" loads from residential users. Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon all dropped their streaming quality.

  • Ha ha! Ha ha! Lauren Oyler for the LRB on "Girl Croosh-esque Feminism"

The US economy is predicted to take a 35% hit; the IMF warns of a 1930's-style global depression. China has been asked to "step up" and continue to produce the vast majority of the world's PPE. PPE has become a commonly understood acronym.

The dollar surged as investors dumped euro- and yen-denominated bonds. The Fed announced "unlimited" amounts of cash available to keep the world's banking system afloat. Nearly 1 in 3 Americans is directly affected by the shutdowns.

Good night, and good luck. To health and sanity, knowing we'll need all of both that we can get.