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Readings: Week of October 13

“I am not a healthy being in the ‘worlds’ that construct me unplayful.” You wrote, in that same essay, that you were “scared of ending up a serious human being, someone with no multi-dimensionality, with no fun in life, someone who is just someone who has had the fun constructed out of her. I am seriously scared of getting stuck in a ‘world’ that constructs me that way. A ‘world’ that I have no escape from and in which I cannot be playful.”
— Hil Malatino

I read one of the most touching and heartfelt tributes to a philosopher I had never heard of, María Lugones. It was a good day for gentle ...

For Freedom

they said it was for freedom,1
when they sent us to kill
for imperialism;

they said it was for freedom,
when our families died;

they said it was for freedom,
when the children were shot
in schools, in malls, in their

they said it was for freedom,
as the drones dropped tonnage
after tonnage on villages;2

they said it was for freedom
to conduct the business
of owning other humans;

they say it is for freedom—
we've always known that word
to mean anything


we say it is for freedom
and we mean it3

Intro To Thought Itself

There is something to this life!

And I want to be clear:

We are not beholden
To the subjects of a world
Now lost in ash

Numbered lists
1. Lend order to our lives
2. That otherwise spin
3. So wildly
4. Out of our control

Maybe there is something
to be gleaned
from the in-between
of things

The passed is dead
past dying,
already the future
seems burdened
,by it

Honey falls slowly
off my spoon
into ⛾ so
long gone cold

We spend so much time
learning how to un-
learn and redo our undone
(How much misinformation
there is in the absence
of any information!)

G(r)asping for 
A) True...