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The Delicious Monte Cristo


The Count, from one of the film renditions of Dumas' Novel. The book, although less sultry, is definitely just as pleasing.

On the Count of 'Monte Cristo'

I wandered upon «The Count of Monte Cristo» somewhat by accident. The title was familiar to me only in passing--I was under the impression it was an Italian story from the early Modern era (whenver that is, my gut had vague whisperings about the 1700s). Reader, I will announce with no shame that I was entirely wrong on both accounts! Horribly, horribly wrong.

The story was serialized by French author Alexander Dumas, and published in the Fr...

The Anthropocene

«The Great Party»

In which we explore the Anthropocene and the [perennial] End of the World As We Know It. Weekly readings, lacking in commentary.

The Sociological Imaginary

So I still haven't seen GoT, but I liked how this article looked at the final season from Zeynep Tufekci at Scientific American:

Game of Thrones: Why People Hated the 8th Season

I think a lack of Sociological storytelling is one of the biggest issues America faces--its why our prison system is so big, why billionaires are allowed free reign over schools, transit, housing, our ahem social lives. A lack of sociological storytelling is a lack of historical understanding, and consequently a lack of imaginative flexibility for different futures.

It may not be a uniquely American issue, but it contr...