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Future Capture: Moral Disasters

Who Decides (Who is Made to Suffer)

Disaster preparedness is not, in the end, the same as disaster prevention. The latter would require something that is, from our current vantage, inconceivable: the political will to abandon the pernicious practices that currently support our economy. It would require a reckoning with human agency, an acknowledgment that no matter the scope of the disaster, no matter the exertions of essential workers, no matter how many times we bleach and scrub, rinse and disinfect, all of this is merely triage. We keep washing, but our hands are not clean.
Barrett Swans...

Future Capture Vol.I: The Present Precedent

«The Value of Everything» Mariana Mazzucato

World Bank. 2019. International Debt Statistics 2020. Washington, DC: World Bank. doi:10.1596/978-1-4648-1461-7. License: Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 3.0 IGO. pp 161.


I admit it has been...more than a few months since I finished reading Mazzucato's masterful 2018 work The Value of Everything,1 and even longer since I announced the start of this project here on this blog. That was back when I was young and full of verve. In terms of the global structure of, well, everything, we can say that not much has changed since the book w...

Future Capture: Towards A More Equal Moment

Introduction: Our Present History

If 2019 is a year supersaturated in politics, it is also one lacking in informed and hopeful politics. The Financial Times reported on September 30, 2018 that "more than half the world's population is now middle class," with "five people joining their ranks every second."1 Most of this population growth, they also state, is in Asia. We can pretty much take this to mean "China," as the world's most populous country has the lion's share of reduced poverty globally. (And 27 individuals hold more wealth than the 3,500,000,000 on the bottom of the wealth lottery in...