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When Power Speaks of Freedom

⥤ A lack of consideration: can we trace it by silhouette?

The world is always too much, and there is not enough to know it by. What makes me think that life in a big city, with an "important" job would be any closer to reality than this? We only know what we ourselves see, and what we invent is a product of what we see (hence the power of propaganda, of discourse). Speaking of which: I worry I am slowly beginning to treat every online comment as if it were part of a misinformation campaign, having spent too much time reading about cybersecurity and various ingen...

Readings: Week of October 13

“I am not a healthy being in the ‘worlds’ that construct me unplayful.” You wrote, in that same essay, that you were “scared of ending up a serious human being, someone with no multi-dimensionality, with no fun in life, someone who is just someone who has had the fun constructed out of her. I am seriously scared of getting stuck in a ‘world’ that constructs me that way. A ‘world’ that I have no escape from and in which I cannot be playful.”
— Hil Malatino

I read one of the most touching and heartfelt tributes to a philosopher I had never heard of, María Lugones. It was a good day for gentle ...