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A Bushel? A Flock? A Plural of Modernities

Franz Marc | Stables | 1913


1. From History to Modernity

Latin modernus, the root of our word ‘modern,’ was initially used to distinguish Rome’s newfound Christian identity from the pagan and backwards past—a split with history, wholly different from the past, albeit dependent on that past to be differentiated from. It marked the present as a distinct moment—not a continuation of Grand Tradition, but a Here and Now that deserved its own mark. The Here and Now continued to develop throughout the Enlightenment and into the actual “Modern Age,” identified by scholars (Michel Foucault among the...

May 10, 2019 in Essay 99

Through the Bedrock of the Present

“The starting point of critical elaboration is the consciousness of what one really is, and is “knowing thyself” as a product of the historical process to date, which has deposited within you an infinity of traces, without leaving an inventory. It is therefore imperative at the outset to compile such an inventory.”
–Antonio Gramsci, [Selections from the Prison Notebooks, page 628. ElecBooks, 1999]

Firstly, the music should be set to the black-and-white timelapse of a
sunrise, location to be imagined. It’s not a real video file that I link anywhere, just a feeling.

The world here continues in i...

Apr 24, 2019 in Essay 161

The Conditions of Splitting the Rainbow | Book Review: «The Future of Whiteness» by Linda Martín Alcoff

Like many whites, I did not come to realize I was “raced,” or white, in the same way that that a non-white child would have. That is, I was not brought up to know that I was, in the systems I moved through, living under the aegis of whiteness. Of course, I knew that I was the palest kid all throughout elementary and middle school—often one of only a handful of white kids in the Denver Public School system classroom, where whites account for less than a quarter of the districts population, and nearly seventy percent qualify for free or reduced lunch.1 Until we moved to Washington before I began...

Living Ghosts: Politics and Identity in the Posthuman World of Ghost In The Shell



The Ghost In The Shell anime franchise is well known for its philosophical musings, alongside intricate plot lines, futuristic technology, and a focus on political and structural forces of a very possible tomorrow. The anime is based off manga written by Shirow Masamune, who published the first Ghost In The Shell (kokaku kidotai) in 1989. Much of the series’ philosophical content focuses on issues of being human; that fine line which we draw separating us from the animal kingdom and, increasingly, our own inventions. Through the series’ use of cyborgs, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and real...

Mar 15, 2019 in Essay 27